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Kluero is an AI powered digital service for making your team more efficient and dynamic.

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What's our mission?

One of the most common reasons teams fail is team malfunction, coming in 3rd after "no market need" and "running out of cash" according to this post-mortem analysis.

Some experts, like Harvard Business School professor Noam Wasserman go as far as to state that 65% of all startups that fail, do so due to bad team dynamics.

A team-related death of an otherwise strong start-up? What a nightmare!

Many times we have seen a motivated team with a good idea and solid funding crash because they didn't have a go-to tool to analyze and optimize their team dynamics. We have developed an AI-based solution to help teams in a previously unprecedented level of detail.

Combined with our internal capabilities in marthematics, psychology and data science, our easy to use tool offers your team the ability to understand team dynamics, improve teamwork and eventually even predict how to effectively expand the team itself.

Kluero offers solutions for startup team management, hiring and onboarding and team dynamic due diligence for VC and M&A process

“We like how the input to the Kluero software takes less than a few minutes, and how by addressing a few topics once a week we get actual results. We would be happy to continue using this software after the pilot!”

- A start-up member that participated in our first pilot project at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship


Our unique technology utilizes a novel combination of mathematics, psychology, and data science. We abolished the old-fashioned component-driven analysis, in favour of the newest interaction-driven analysis Many existing tools rely on outdated research from the 20th century. Our scientists constantly contribute to the quality of insights with proprietary research.


Our UI is intuitive and reduces the time spent on data input to an absolute minimum. No one likes to spend time replying to long polls, with results sometimes being completely intangible. We make it easy and quick – at the touch of a fingertip.


Due to the innovative nature of our software, we can extract the maximum of insight from a minimum of input - as little as 5 statements in one team snapshot a week can already provide at least two major insights.


Although we focus on providing solutions for the innovation ecosystem, we do not lose focus of other fields of use. Be it ERP, governance, quality management in education – our software can be used wherever the human factor is a part of a complex system.

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