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Simple and effective
What makes it so different?
There are a few qualities that make teamApp unique. First - we combine the latest research in mathematics, psychology, and data science. We don't believe that a team is comprised of isolated member data (and the most recent psychological research agrees with us). The data we receive from our users is analysed in a previously unprecedented way, generating insights from interaction-driven analysis instead of component-driven analysis - basically the most widely used approach when it comes to team analytics.
We reap maximum results from minimal input.
Our software is utilizing an AI that constantly improves itself, providing the best results for your team - and custom to your team! The best thing is - you don't have to do much beyond giving input. Your input gets processed and new statements to relate to are being generated by our AI. Imagine it like a drone that our AI sends out to your team once a week (for example). The drone provides you with insights: a strength to celebrate and a discussion point to, well, discuss. At the same time the drone makes a snapshot of how your team is doing - and delivers the data of that snapshot to the AI, which comes up with the next series of insights and statements for the next cycle. Simple but effective.

Our UI is intuitive to the max - no more filling out loads of questions or entering free text. Thanks to our optimized algorithm we rely on sliders to enter information.

In all of our pilots, users remarked how much insight you get from so little time invested. Why not give it a try today and let us convince you?

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